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At HandiFox™, our mission is to make your job easier. Our HandiFox™ mobile inventory management software is designed to for seamless QuickBooks inventory data integration across mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and ruggedized industrial handhelds. Our features cover all routine inventory tracking & replenishment activities, allowing workers to perform them remotely from any location without access to a PC with QuickBooks.

HandiFox™ on mobile software allows you to:

Here's some more in-depth information on each of these features:



HandiFox™ lets you add item barcodes to the system and scan them to enter items instantly and accurately. For items without vendor barcodes, HandiFox™ can generate unique barcodes for each individual item - these can be printed onto labels and attached to the items, making inventory counting a breeze. Scanning can be done using a built-in scanner (in industrial handhelds), a Bluetooth laser scanner, or with the device's camera.

Purchase Orders

purchase order.jpg

With HandiFox™, you can create, edit, and receive QuickBooks purchase orders right from a mobile device. The desktop component of HandiFox™ allows automatic generation of purchase orders for items that need replenishment based on current inventory levels & sales rates.

Inventory Counting

inventory counting.jpg

Barcode scanning capabilities allows operators to count items quickly as they go through the warehouse - the updated quantities are then synced to QuickBooks. This method makes inventory counting easy, fast, and accurate. The results of a count can be reviewed by a manager on the desktop PC before being updated in QuickBooks.

Build Assemblies

Inventory assemblies can be built on a mobile device. The Build Assembly screen will show component items with quantity required for the assembly - HandiFox™ will even calculate the maximum quantity that can be built based on the Quantity on Hand for component items.

Multiple Inventory Sites

HandiFox™ allows you to set up multiple inventory sites for which item quantities will be tracked separately. Individual mobile devices can be assigned to different inventory sites, so each device has an independent inventory to work with. This can make inventory control in multiple warehouses or vehicles much simpler. Alternately, if you have Multiple Sites or Row&Bin turned on in QuickBooks, HandiFox™ can sync flawlessly to them - including the ability to assign mobile devices to sites.

Synchronization with QuickBooks

Once HandiFox™ is installed on the PC with QuickBooks, mobile devices can sync with it and download company data to be worked with on the device. Any entries made on the device are also uploaded to QuickBooks. Synchronization requires either a network or Internet connection and is done on demand - no constant connection required.

Contact Us

If you have more questions about the powerful capabilities of HandiFox™ inventory management software, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page. Supercharge your inventory management process - call us today!

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