HandiFox™ Sales

HandiFox™ Sales is a robust, full-featured mobile sales system designed to take your sales management operations to the next level. With the ability to easily create QuickBooks transactions on a mobile device, small and mid-size companies using QuickBooks as their primary accounting software can now stretch their sales and inventory control beyond the office.

HandiFox™ Sales version has all of the inventory tracking and control functionality you love from our HandiFox™ Inventory version, in addition to a variety of sales capabilities on a mobile device:

  • Create, view, and edit customers on mobile devices
  • Enter sales orders and invoices
  • Capture customer signatures on invoices
  • Receive and track payments against invoices & accounts
  • Pick and pack items for sales orders and invoices
  • Enter sales receipts and credit memos
  • Scan item barcodes for quick, error-free entry on transactions
  • Print sales orders, invoices, and more - right from a mobile device

Here's some more detailed information on each of these features:



HandiFox™ allows you to view all of your customers from QuickBooks right on a mobile device. You can review and edit details or create entirely new customers, all of which will be synced to QuickBooks with any changes made to existing records. Customer addresses can be seen on a map simply by tapping their address.

Sales Orders & Invoices

Sales Orders & Invoices

Sales orders can be generated on a mobile device and made available in QuickBooks simply by synchronizing. Items can be entered by manually typing in the name, selecting from a list, or scanning a barcode. HandiFox™ allows you to check inventory levels for desired items and will even show a warning if there's not enough of an item on hand.

All open sales orders for a certain customer (including those created in QuickBooks) can be viewed and edited on a mobile device.

Invoices can be entered by hand or generated from existing sales orders, and invoices are generated after a user completes Picking and Packing for a sales order.



Your customers can sign invoices using your device's touch screen. The signature is then stored in HandiFox™ and displayed on the invoice printout. Depending on your preferences, signature capture can either be turned off in settings or made mandatory - so it can never be skipped.


Payments from customers can be received on the mobile app from any location, and received amounts can be applied to open invoices or left as customer credit. An Auto-Apply feature allows you to distribute the amount over several invoices in just one click, or you can select from a variety of payment methods and enter customer notes for payments.

Picking & Packing

HandiFox™ allows you to verify that the correct items are shipped through the Picking and Packing procedure for Sales Orders, Invoices, and Sales Receipts. Picking is scanning items on a transaction as they are picked from the warehouse, and packing is verification as the items are packed into larger containers or loaded on delivery vehicles in the warehouse. This two-stage, automated verification process ensures that no mistakes fall through the cracks and your customers are happy every single time.

Sales Receipts & Credit Memos

Our mobile software lets you enter sales receipts and credit memos in the same way that you enter other transactions. All balance and inventory level changes are then uploaded to QuickBooks during synchronization.



Barcode scanning capabilities integrate easily into all transactions above, and make item selection instant and accurate. Scanning can be performed by a built-in scanner (for industrial handhelds), a Bluetooth laser scanner, or the device's camera (although this is slower).



All transaction types above, as well as customer statements and sales reports, can be printed right from the mobile device using a Bluetooth or network office printer. HandiFox™ makes your reporting process automatic, easy, and error-free.

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