HandiFox™ Release Notes



Version (release date - 10/02/2023):

Features & Improvements:

  • TLS Protocol Version Upgrade (Collect and send logs to Tech Support) 
  • AInvoices created from partially invoiced sales orders with discount items fail to upload to QuickBooks 

Version (release date - 06/22/2023):

Features & Improvements:

  • Ability to duplicate item lines for transfers (simplified)
  • Ability to choose what quantity is increased when scanning duplicate items on the Create/Edit Transfer screen
  • Shorter auto-synchronization periods
  • Cipherlab RS35 Scanner

  • Customer List Filter Open Transactions to Pick/Pack

  • Warning for not found items (barcodes) on Bin Locations Screens
  • Complies with Android 13 policies
  • Invoices with service and group items now show “Site” in the View/Print Invoice window
  • Finding items by scanning GS1 Barcodes on fulfillable transactions and transfer screen
  • Mobile app not launching on Zebra MC40 devices after changes to comply with Android 12
  • Permission compatibility issue with Samsung devices (Android 13)
  • Wrong tax calculation for transactions with service, discount and subtotal items (Canadian Company)
  • Deleted purchase orders remain visible in the Assign Purchase Order window
  • Wrong length of auto-generated GS1 barcodes

Version (release date - 11/24/2022):

Features & Improvements:

  • Built-in scanner function for rear camera (no need to download or install any third party application) 

  • Complies with Android 12 policies


  • Pop-up Warning when trying to scan with the rear camera on Android 12 

Version (release date - 09/05/2022):

Features & Improvements:

  • Support ID Automation 2022.

  •  Link to “Privacy Policy”

  • Closed Sales Order lines are no longer displayed on Pick/Pack Sales Order screen

Version (release date - 04/05/2022):

Features & Improvements:
  • Ability to add Item Barcodes to Invoice Reports.
  • Compatibility with QuickBooks 2022.
  • Invwithbarcodes

  • Simplified the ways logs are sent to Tech Support.
  • newcollectlogs

  • Take signatures from the Payment screen and add them to their respective invoices.
  • Ability to build assemblies with non-inventory items.
  • Improved scrolling through invoices on the Payment screen.
  • Improved scrolling through scanned item barcodes on the Item List.


  • Fixed the issue with transactions and inventory assemblies with special symbols failing to upload to QuickBooks.
  • Fixed random issue with Total Pmt. Due and Available Credit are incorrect on the handheld device.

Version (release date - 09/29/2021):

Features & Improvements:
  • Ability to print Sales Orders and Invoices from the Open Transactions to Pick/Pack window.


  • Fixed the issue “Price Level button is not available for some items on Create Order Screen”

Version (release date - 05/07/2021):

Features & Improvements:
  • In this new release, handheld users can now edit sales orders date by simply long tapping on the date.

  • New layout that allows the user to view Price (Rate) or Description on the Item List screen. This setting can be turned on and off at will.

  • The handheld user can now pick several sales orders at once, even if said transactions are from different customers.

  • Ability to print GS1 barcodes with lot numbers or quantity or both, simply enable them in HandiFox’s Settings (IDAutomation is required).

Version (release date - 02/24/2021):

Features & Improvements:
  • Invoiced Sales Orders with Group Items can now be linked to Sales Orders in QuickBooks.

Version (release date - 12/23/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Updated how HandiFox barcodes are linked to ID Automation.


  • Adjusted how items scroll when scanned.

Version (release date - 10/12/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Updated database version.


  • Possible issues with QOH discrepancies after deleting bills in QuickBooks.

Version (release date - 10/06/2020):


  • Customer Signature is not saved after picking/packing a sales order.
  • Incorrect phone number being dialed when the user clicks on the phone number link in the Customer Center.
  • List of items not being scrolled when picking up when scanning barcodes.
  • Bin locations are not downloaded to the handheld device after switching sites.

Version (release date - 07/37/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Improvements for design in Price Rules.


  • Issue with empty invoice being created when the user cancels the changes/save process.
  • Invoice created from a sales order is not uploaded to QuickBooks if the sales order was already invoiced in full.

Version (release date - 07/15/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Add support for built-in scanner on Cilico devices.


  • Empty invoices are created if handheld user does not save (cancel) invoice.

Version (release date - 06/19/2020):


  • Issue with the application restarting when re-launching from sleep mode.

Version (release date - 05/22/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Improved opening/accessing Inventory Counting screen.


  • Addressed issue with rows being duplicated in Sales Order report on the device.

Version (release date - 05/07/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Automatically uncheck items without discrepancies while applying inventory counting.
  • Show total items to be picked in the Pick/Pack Order/Invoice windows.
  • Hide Inactive items from Inventory Counting.


  • Fixed the issue with incomplete synchronization if the Name of the Device contains symbols.
  • Added the ability to synchronize Android 4.x devices.
  • Addressed issues with some instances of signatures not displaying after editing invoices.
  • Implemented synchronization fixes for Canadian companies.

Version (release date - 02/14/2020):

Features & Improvements:
  • Upgraded Sync Tool
  • Implemented encryption
  • Option to ignore warnings about insufficient permissions for Checks and Credit Card transactions

Version (release date - 06/05/2019):

Features & Improvements:
  • Advance pricing. In this new version of HandiFox, the user can create price rules for any customer.
  • This feature can be activated in QuickBooks File->HandiFox->Price Rules

    Price rules Price rules

In this window the user can create, establish conditions to all or certain customers, based on dates, items and type of items, users, and edit fixed pricing rules and discount by volume.

Price rules establishing Price rules establishing

The price rules will be applied automatically while creating an invoice or sales order, to review them, one just need to click on the “pencil icon” next to the “rate”, and in case there are conflicting rules, HandiFox will display a “warning sign” which will allow the user to choose the rule they want to apply to that particular item(s) on that particular invoice/sales order (see third and fourth pictures).

Apply price rules Apply price rules Apply price rules Apply price rules

Version (release date - 12/28/2018):

Features & Improvements:
  • Greatly extended the system of mobile user permissions

    New User Permissions

  • Pick/Pack functionality for Sales Orders and Invoices was moved to the new Fulfillment section on the Main screen

    New Fulfillment section

  • Updated inv. transfer generation based on sales volumes. Now you can choose to factor in current QOH at target site when calculating quantities for replenishment.
  • You can now specify the default Accounts Receivable account for transactions coming in from the mobile app.
  • Barcodes can now contain spaces.
  • The Receive Items screen now displays the product descriptions from the original PO and not the default descriptions for these items.
  • The maximum data sampling period for PO generation has been increased to 52 weeks.
  • Increased performance on the Customer Orders screen of the mobile app when the customer has a lot of open orders.


  • Fixed customer balances occasionally diverging from QuickBooks.
  • Fixed mobile Payments not being added to QuickBooks when it defaults to an incorrect AR Account.
  • Fixed synchronization failure in cases after updating an item receipt in the mobile app (with bin locations active
  • Fixed new invoices sometimes not being loaded from QuickBooks when Pricing History is enabled.
  • Fixed Inventory Adjustment from QuickBooks sometimes not affecting HandiFox inventory levels.
  • Fixed synchronization failure upon deletion of Build Assembly transactions from QuickBooks.
  • Fixed inactive items being processed during PO generation.

Version (release date - 11/01/2018):

Features & Improvements:
  • Volume Discounts

    The user can now define volume-based discounts for products, so that the discount percentage depends on the quantity being sold.
    Volume discounts can be set up in QuickBooks File -> HandiFox -> Volume Discounts. They are applied automatially when creating sales transactions in the mobile app.

    Volume discount desktop

    new invoice volume discount

    Price levels and volume discounts can be applied together. If there is a problem caused by applying a price level and a volume discount at the same time, a warning icon is shown.

  • Inline status display for Sales Orders and Invoices

    The status for orders and invoices is shown for every transaction on the Open Orders, Open Invoices and Customer Orders screens.

    Sales Order statuses

  • Backordered Items and Sales Orders reports on Android now display data from all orders at the current location


  • Fixed incorrect QOH after converting a Non-inventory type item to Inventory Part

Version (release date - 08/27/2018):

Features & Improvements:

  • Improved the Edit Item screen for the transactions
  • Increased the speed of adding items to transactions by scanner


  • Fixed some errors with QOH calculations
  • Fixed scanning of Bin Locations in the Inventory Counting screen
  • Build date was displayed incorrectly in the About window
  • Units of measure did not work in Quick Transfers

Version (release date - 03/05/2018):

Features & Improvements:

  • The user can void saved Pick List for the Order

    To void saved pick list perform long click on the Sales Order in the Open Orders window and select 'Void Saved Pick List' option from the appeared menu

  • The reports can now be saved/email in PDF format from device (requires Android 5 or better)


  • Desktop: sometimes the same customer signature is printed on all Invoices.
  • In some situations QOH becomes incorrect after unsuccessful device synchronization
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