The way to do business more efficient
We have 7 route managers in the field that use Handifox every day. The main features we use are invoicing and payments, printing and inventory control. The system itself runs at, I would guess, 98% efficiency and very little need for support. And when we do need it Eugene is our contact and he is always on it.
Jeff Fatica
Erie Automotive Aftermarket Holdings Erie Automotive Aftermarket Holdings
"HandiFox is an ideal solution for our clients"
We were looking for a straightforward application that would add mobility and barcoding to our QuickBooks prospects.  HandiFox is an ideal solution for our clients who are satisfied with the
functionality of QuickBooks but need a way to update the inventory in QuickBooks with a mobile device when away from their PC. Handifox's barcoding support helps make inventory tracking quick and accurate.
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Bob Hogan
BarcodeShack BarcodeShack
Blue Mountain Distributors:"HandiFox - Best Bang For The Buck !!"
Looked at so many software packages out there none had the dynamics of Handifox. Bill and his crew have looked at all the competition and designed a package that includes all the whistles and bells of the
$10,000.00 and up packages. Customer service is top notch, it did take a month to really get going so think about the service plan package I made the mistake of not getting it. Integrated with my quick books, multiple warehouses and off site invoicing without WiFi or cell service.
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Jeff Kocha
CEO, Blue Mountain Distributors
Adagio Acres: “HandiFox was the perfect fit!”
Here at HandiFox we get to meet a lot of interesting people and hear amazing business stories. Amy Nikkel, a co-founder of Adagio Acres, a family-owned farm of 80 acres in Winnipeg (Manitoba Province, Canada), has agreed to tell us the story of their small yet truly unique in many senses business.
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Amy Nikkel
Adagio Acres Adagio Acres
CASE STUDY: Escape Fitness sets the tone for sport clubs while HandiFox keeps its inventory in a good shape
Escape Fitness - the industry leader in functional fitness equipment. Founded in 1998 in Peterborough (UK), Escape Fitness has grown from their beginnings as suppliers of equipment and now is offering the fitness industry their four solutions: great looking equipment, flooring, design and training.
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Andrew Gamble
Escape Fitness Escape Fitness
The best way to manage inventory in multiple locations
HandiFox is the best software available for managing inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, customer balances and route sales data that I have found. The fact that HandiFox integrates with QuickBooks means that I can use QuickBooks to run my company, and have advanced inventory control within QuickBooks. This makes HandiFox an easy
to use QuickBooks add on. I think the best feature of HandiFox is the ability to run on our Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. Our sales men enter and fulfill orders from their phones. We are able to monitor the inventory and route sales that each of our sales men deliver. I like how HandiFox tracks the detailed movement of inventory from within QuickBooks. This software is a must have for any business that have a mobile sales force.
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Kurt Casas
KC Body Shop Supply KC Body Shop Supply
CASE STUDY: ACA Enterprises Upgrades Inventory Management with HandiFox
Founded in 2010 in Clyde (Ohio), ACA Enterprises specializes in the distribution of microfiber products to companies and distributors for the Industrial, Janitorial, Healthcare, and Food/Restaurant markets. ACA Enterprises established itself by developing a global manufacturing supply base that built within the textile industry.
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Eric Allen
ACA Enterprises ACA Enterprises
So Easy to Use!
We were so happy to find a program that integrated with QuickBooks and answered all our sales and inventory needs! We have save so much time now by using HandiFox and everything is much more efficient. The customer service has been fantastic, as they have gone out of their way to make sure we were up and running exactly the way we needed the program to run. Couldn't be happier with this program!
Rebecca Groves
H2O International H2O International
CASE STUDY of Xtreme Solutions
Xtreme Solutions has been using HandiFox - software developed by Tecom Group - since November 2012. Xtreme Solutions is a one stop shop for professional grade detailing products. From soaps, degreasers, dressings to polishes, waxes, and everything in between, they offer the highest quality, professional grade detailing products for all auto detailing needs.
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Steven Israel
Xtreme Solutions Xtreme Solutions
Tech support over at HandiFox is the best!
Our company imports foods from many countries and we distribute them throughout the United States. We were looking for software that would work with our QuickBooks Enterprise to keep track of inventory and generate sales orders without manually creating a sales order. We did not want to move to different software because we have used QuickBooks for over 15 years.
After searching and talking to so many companies we decided to go with HandiFox. This software paired with QuickBooks and a barcode scanner did everything that we needed it to do and a lot more. No more reentering sales orders manually, No more printing statements, No more counting inventory, No more canceling a sales order because a customer is over limit and much more.
The software is very user friendly and if we had any problems the tech support was always there to help 24/7. I would have to say that the tech support over at HandiFox is the best! We have never had a better support team anywhere else. I would have to say that we get better support from HandiFox then Dell. Not only is their tech support team knowledgeable with their software they are SUPER friendly. If you ask me I would actually consider them as my friends rather than a support team. Overall we love HandiFox and their support team, I would not know how to keep our business going now days without HandiFox.
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Benny Hong
S.F.T.C., Inc. S.F.T.C., Inc.
CASE STUDY of Paragon Distributing: “...the switch to HandiFox has been great!"
Paragon Distributing is a large wholesale beverage and food distributor in Anchorage, AK (USA). Paragon Distributing was started in 1996 by Tim and Kim Weeks. They started with just a couple of vans selling bottled water. Over the years they have grown the business into one that not only supports their family, but also the families of around 30 employees.
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Kevin Bohan
Paragon Distributing Paragon Distributing
HandiFox works well
For the most part it is working well and it's easy to use. There have been some glitches along the way but the support team has been very efficient in resolving the issues. I would like to see the function of being able to use non-inventory items on invoicing. If this feature was available, HandiFox would be absolutely PERFECT for us.
Christina Teliski
RainEater RainEater
CASE STUDY: Success story of Rob Minotti
Rob Minotti, is the owner of a successful growing business in New York. He was looking to expand Maximus Detailing Products with an external sales program, which required a different management approach. He needed a better system to control daily sales and assess demand to avoid both deficit and overflow.
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Rob Minotti
Maximus Detailing Products Maximus Detailing Products
“More of a partner than a vendor”
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Phil Doyle
Great product!
Saved us a lot of time on management. Great product to get if your company is sales and inventory oriented. Customer service is very reactive and responds quickly to any problems.
Ray Dong
Jinry Collection Jinry Collection
HandiFox Great for us!
I like the portability of the software, syncing up with our quickbooks and being able to print the sales orders on the office. We use HandiFox for inventory management.
Steve Dixon
D. B. Koppy D. B. Koppy
We use this at a customer site where we have consigned inventory
HandiFox is a great program for handling sales off site. We use it a little differently than most companies do. Instead of one of our people going from customer to customer selling out of a truck or having multiple warehouses shipping to customers we have placed inventory at a customer’s site. As they pull inventory they scan it and build their own
invoice. The invoice is then e-mailed to us thru the scanner and a bill is generated in QuickBooks and inventories automatically adjusted. HandiFox generates a list of inventory to replenish based on sales and keeps track of where inventory is located. It has helped us expand our business greatly.
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Larry Hodson
Midwest Circuit Technology Midwest Circuit Technology
CASE STUDY: KC Body Shop Supply – Everything You Need For Your Body Shop
Recently HandiFox was lucky to be able to speak with Kurt Casas owner of KC Body Shop Supply Incorporated that also happens to be one of HandiFox’s first users. It was great to hear that Kurt and his business was still thriving in the Chicago, Illinois area supplying body shops with anything they may need thanks to a full inventory.
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Kurt Kasas
KC Body Shop Supply KC Body Shop Supply
After getting the correct hardware to use the program works good
Pros - Getting parts on invoices is fast when using barcodes and scanning. Doing inventory worked good and was fast.
Cons - Should use work order number from QuickBooks instead of its own number. Also for barcoding should get QuickBooks code and not its own barcode.
Jerry Schaefer
Amazing Customer Service!!!
HandiFox has really helped us get more efficient and accurate in writing and preparing customer's orders. The Pros would be the ease of use, and compatibility with the QuickBooks system we run. The biggest pro is the people who you work with. I can't tell you how many crazy emails I have sent to info@handifox.com. It doesn't matter what time of day there is someone there who
always calls me or emails me right back. There have been some growing pains, but the people with this company have created a version of the program that is perfectly tailored to what it is we do. I can't say thank you enough to the HandiFox Team.
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Kevin Bohan
Paragon Distributing Paragon Distributing
HandiFox is the best
HandiFox was the perfect next step in taking my business mobile. Reasonably priced, HandiFox was perfect for my growing small business needs. It easily integrates with QuickBooks and assists me in inventory control on my trucks and other locations. It's great for invoicing on the go, and is designed to grow with my company. Whether I’m using it in one vehicle or 10, HandiFox never lets me down.
Steven Israel
Xtreme Solutions Xtreme Solutions
So far it has worked very well with our QuickBooks program and the tech. service is great.
The only down side that we have is, if you have worked with QuickBooks and have pretty much been a one man band, then all that non-inventory has to be changed over to inventory. I still haven't got all that done.
Phil Allen
Great Product, Even Better Support
We have been using HandiFox for a couple of years now. Works great for our inventory cycle counts and full physical inventory. Also use it to receive purchase orders. Really helped our efficiency improve tremendously.
Ray Wood
Winestuff Winestuff
CASE STUDY of Ultra A&C Solutions
“Inventory tracking, pick and pack, sales and invoice. We use these features on a daily basis.”
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Keily Armas
Ultra A&C Solutions Ultra A&C Solutions
CASE STUDY of Oasis Health Care
“Very user-friendly and plenty of training videos to use.”
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Caitlin Raymond
Oasis Health Care Oasis Health Care
CASE STUDY of Bella Viva Orchards
"Handifox was selected because it fit our current operations, we didn't have to alter our procedures much; the flow just worked."
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Elliot Gage
Bella Viva Orchards Bella Viva Orchards
CASE STUDY of Tevan Enterprises Ltd.
Tevan Enterprises Ltd. is a wholesale candy and confectionary distributor on Vancouver Island.
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Jessica Schlager
Tevan Enterprises Ltd. Tevan Enterprises Ltd.
CASE STUDY of Vantage Resource Group
Vantage Resource Group is a recognized dealer and supplier of the highest quality protection film kits for the recreational vehicle and marine industries.
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Lori Sayler
Vantage Resource Group Vantage Resource Group
CASE STUDY of Reliable Source, Inc.

Reliable Source Inc. is an all-around metals company with a rich history of providing cost effective raw metals, hardware & sub-component supply chain solutions. We got to talk with Maggie Mejia, General Manager at Reliable Source, Inc. and ask her about the specifics of implementation of the HandiFox system in their business.

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Maggie Mejia
Reliable Source, Inc. Reliable Source, Inc.

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