CASE STUDY: ACA Enterprises Upgrades Inventory Management with HandiFox

Founded in 2010 in Clyde (Ohio), ACA Enterprises specializes in the distribution of microfiber products to companies and distributors for the Industrial, Janitorial, Healthcare, and Food/Restaurant markets. ACA Enterprises established itself by developing a global manufacturing supply base that built upon overseas connections and experience within the textile industry.

2013-2014 ACA Enterprises was expanding their product line and building addition to their warehouse. The company was able to develop a brand for their products - Knuckle Buster®. As the distribution was growing, tracking inventory became a challenging task. The company’s owners started pondering the question of how they could be in better control of their inventory.

When evaluating their options, ease of use and integration with the existing accounting system were the two most essential factors. The company looked into a different inventory system but it did not work directly with QuickBooks. It wasn’t until a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor pointed them to HandiFox. When one of the company’s decision-makers had an online demo of the software product and saw how HandiFox worked on a handheld and synced with the QuickBooks system, they realized that the app was ideally suited to assist them in upgrading their inventory management and help through expansion.

The HandiFox system is used by two warehouse workers along with one of the company owners (the company staff comprises 6 people). For ACA Enterprises it wasn’t just an upgrade – it was a successful leap to the next level.

“Before I would have an office person print packing slips and send them to my warehouse person who then had to fill the order. After that he had to return all paperwork to the office person who then entered that it was shipped. Your program eliminated the need to double check between the two. It also helps when customers change their orders, allowing it to be changed and updated throughout the day.” 

Eric Allen, Owner ACA Enterprises

Knuckle Buster.png

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