CASE STUDY: KC Body Shop Supply – Everything You Need For Your Body Shop

Recently HandiFox was lucky to be able to speak with Kurt Casas owner of KC Body Shop Supply Incorporated that also happens to be one of HandiFox’s first users. It was great to hear that Kurt and his business was still thriving in the Chicago, Illinois area supplying body shops with anything they may need thanks to a full inventory. We thought we would reach out to Kurt and revisit how his business is doing and if HandiFox was able to influence his company in a positive way.


KC Body Shop Supply Incorporated sells retail and wholesale items to the auto body repair industry in the Chicago, Illinois area. Kurt Casa currently has both a retail store and a set of wholesale delivery trucks loaded with auto shop inventory. These trucks are able to make his business mobile as they can go from body shop to body shop with a wide selection of inventory. KC Body Shop Supply Incorporated has a huge selection of items as well as brands when it comes to inventory making them a smart choice when it comes to auto body supply. They are able to help any auto shop get needed part with their wide inventory throughout the city on truck.

Challenge Of Managing Inventory

Before Kurt found HandiFox he was using a previous supplier in San Diego although he cannot recall the name of the product. This product wasn’t the right fit for Kurt and his company, as it didn’t include payment options, invoice options and the ability to connect every member of his team. Though Kurt does have a store location a majority of his business relies on the trucks being able to deliver products once a sale is made. This places a high importance on the communication between the store, salesmen and truck drivers on what inventory is in stock.

It wasn’t long before Kurt realized that his company needed a more comprehensive way of managing his inventory. It was vital that his store workers, truck drives and salesmen were all on the same page when it came to inventory. When looking into different forms of inventory management Kurt Casas came across HandiFox’s mobile inventory management software.

Changing Inventory Procedures

Kurt considers one of the most vital proponents of HandiFox’s software to be that it enables him to guarantee same day delivery to auto shops. This is because anyone in his system is able to look into HandiFox’s inventory manager option to figure out which truck has which products and can send those trucks to the appropriate buyer at any given time. “HandiFox has made our whole system paperless, allows us to invoice customers and capture the signature all on the spot, it is easy to use”, says Kurt. Some of the other features Kurt finds invaluable is that it works well on android phones making it mobile and quicker as well as it’s integrated system connecting all aspects of his business. HandiFox is proud to have been a part of K.C. Body Shop Supply Incorporated refining their inventory management. Kurt’s business proudly supplies auto body shops throughout the Chicago, Illinois area with a wide variety of auto body supply materials. Many other businesses can find the same successes with managing their inventory much like K.C. Body Shop Supply Inc. with HandiFox Mobile Inventory Tracking and Sales Management.

Case Study of K.C.Body Shop Supply (.pdf, 1050 KB)

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