CASE STUDY of Reliable Source, Inc.

Reliable Source Inc.logo.png Reliable Source Inc. is an all-around metals company with a rich history of providing cost effective raw metals, hardware & sub-component supply chain solutions.

Since the company’s business is distribution of metals and they deal in both theoretical weights and lengths as well as actual weights and lengths, there are times where they need to over-ship a particular product but not change the original order quantity from the customer. This is a core part of Reliable Source Inc. business and the natural functionality of the HandiFox would not allow for that to take place.

The company actually have not yet implemented the HandiFox system but they are in the process of doing so. At the end of the 2018 year they were trying to integrate it along with their new QuickBooks client file but had to postpone the HandiFox portion of it because there were some functionalities that did not work for their type of business.

The HandiFox support team was very quick to rise to the occasion and find a patch for the situation and, at the time, a very urgent resolution would be needed if Reliable Source Inc. were to implement it by January 1, only a couple of days away at the time.

Reliable Source Inc. were very pleased with the sense of urgency and response regarding the customization needed for HandiFox to work within their business scope. Although they delayed the implementation, HandiFox team response was immediate and very specifically tailored to meet their needs.

We at HandiFox team hope the implementation of our system will go smoothly for Reliable Source, Inc.!

We also always strive for excellence and do our best to understand and respond to our customers’ demands. We highly appreciate their feedback because they let us know what changes to implement in HandiFox software to enhance it.

Case Study of Reliable Source (.pdf, 5 MB)

Reliable Source Inc. Building

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