Tech support over at HandiFox is the best!

After searching and talking to so many companies we decided to go with HandiFox. This software paired with QuickBooks and a barcode scanner did everything that we needed it to do and a lot more. No more reentering sales orders manually, No more printing statements, No more counting inventory, No more canceling a sales order because a customer is over limit and much more.
The software is very user friendly and if we had any problems the tech support was always there to help 24/7. I would have to say that the tech support over at HandiFox is the best! We have never had a better support team anywhere else. I would have to say that we get better support from HandiFox then Dell. Not only is their tech support team knowledgeable with their software they are SUPER friendly. If you ask me I would actually consider them as my friends rather than a support team. Overall we love HandiFox and their support team, I would not know how to keep our business going now days without HandiFox.
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