HandiFox™: Multi-Location Inventory Tracking

Multi-location Tracking.png

At HandiFox™, we want to make every part of the inventory and sales management process easy and efficient. That's why our software takes one of the most troublesome parts of inventory management – multi-location inventory tracking - and turns it into an intuitive, simple process.

When inventory is spread across several physical locations, simply tracking total quantities on hand is often not good enough. You need detailed information about not just the total number of items inventoried, but also their location, and quantities relative to each location. With HandiFox™, that's exactly what you get.

With HandiFox™'s Multi-Location Inventory Tracking software, you can easily create multiple sites to accurately represent your actual storage layout. Sites are then populated with items, a process made even easier by HandiFox™'s barcoding inventory system, and any inventory movement activity is automatically tracked using our Transfers system. To make inventory control even easier, different physical locations can be assigned specific mobile devices to handle inventory processing at that individual site.

Inventory Tracking with QuickBooks Integration

Not only is our software highly effective on its own, but it also perfectly integrates with the same systems you already use. If you've got QuickBooks with Multiple Sites enabled, HandiFox™ can seamlessly integrate with your current site layout - including warehouse Bin Locations. This makes it easy to manage your inventory sites and bin locations from any mobile device, helping you unlock the true power of HandiFox™ inventory control software.

Are you interested in viewing each site and its inventory online? Check out our cloud inventory management solution HandiFox Online.

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