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Enhanced Inventory Management For Small Businesses

With HandiFox™, automating inventory management has never been easier. Utilizing mobile computers and barcodes, our inventory management software for small businesses simplifies your business process, making transparency and control easier than ever before - even across multiple sites.

Picking & Packing

The process starts with Picking and Packing. Using our mobile inventory control software, Pick Lists are generated on handheld devices, either from Sales Orders or Invoices. Once the Pick List is saved, the Packing List opens, which can be used in conjunction with a barcode scanner to confirm items as they are packed - the extra layers of redundancy ensure that you never make an error on an order. Pick Lists and Packing slips can then be sent to wireless printers directly from the handheld, and invoices are automatically generated and sent to QuickBooks.

Inventory Counting

With HandiFox™, inventory counting is a breeze. Using any Android smartphone or tablet, workers can use HandiFox™ automated inventory management system to scan item barcodes and enter quantities quickly and efficiently as they go through storage areas. Say goodbye to handwriting the records: HandiFox™ software automatically counts results and formulates a list that can be reviewed, corrected, or voided by the manager. Once approved, the results are added to QuickBooks as inventory adjustments.


Our warehouse inventory management solution eliminates routine calculations related to purchasing. With our mobile inventory system, purchase orders are automatically generated for all items that are to be replenished based on current quantities and sales rate. Furthermore, you can receive inventory against open purchase orders using a mobile device by scanning barcodes or manually entering data. Our inventory system can also be used to create and edit POs, allowing off-site workers to be completely independent in terms of purchasing.

Multiple Sites

Our mobile inventory tracking software makes management of multiple inventory sites easier than ever. Counting and receiving for each site can be done individually, and our software allows you to keep track of inventory movements from one site to another using transfers created within HandiFox™. Our system can give you a full report of quantity on hand, available quantity, and quantities on PO and SO at any or all of your inventory sites at any moment, on demand. In addition to its own implementation or multi-site inventory tracking, our mobile inventory software supports the system of sites and bin locations provided by QuickBooks Advanced Inventory features for seamless, complete integration.

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Do you want to manage inventory in the cloud? Check out HandiFox Online.

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