HandiFox™: Barcode Inventory System

At HandiFox™, our mission is to make inventory management as easy and efficient as possible for our customers. The mobile barcode inventory app allows warehouse and field workers to easily and quickly scan items using a smart phone or Bluetooth enabled scanner, speeding up routine inventory operations and virtually eliminating the potential for costly human error. With HandiFox™ Inventory Management Software, streamlining the inventory tracking process has never been easier.

Using the Barcoding Features of HandiFox™ Inventory Management Software

Barcode scanning capabilities can be utilized by a number of devices. Some devices have a built-in scanner, while other mobile devices' back camera can be used to do the scanning. If neither of these features is present, a wireless Bluetooth scanner works just as well.

To use the barcoding system for inventory, each item needs to have a barcode assigned to it. The easiest way to do this is to scan manufacturers' barcodes directly into HandiFox™, but if items don't already have a barcode assigned to them, HandiFox™ can generate unique barcodes for each item. These barcodes can then be printed onto labels that can be stuck onto each item.

Once you've assigned barcodes to your inventory items, a number of routine inventory operations can be automated using HandiFox™'s inventory barcoding features:

  • Inventory Counting: When operators perform mobile barcode scans with HandiFox™, the items are automatically counted up, no matter what order they are scanned in. This eliminates the potential for human counting error, saving time and money in the inventory tracking process. If the quantity of an item is too large for an operator to scan each item individually, the quantity can be edited manually in the HandiFox™ software.
  • Inventory Transfers: Transfer of items from one site to another is easy to track and verify using HandiFox™. Transferred items are simply scanned into a fill transfer when leaving their original site, and then scanned again on the receiving site. The centralized nature of the software minimizes communication errors and keeps all of your inventory management data in one place.
  • Purchasing: Purchase orders can be populated automatically by scanning required items, making purchase order management a breeze. Items received can then be scanned to verify that quantities are correct.
  • Sales: Barcode scanning can also be used to populate sales orders, invoices, and to pick and pack ordered items.

HandiFox™ is a barcode inventory system for a small business that brings mobility, flexibility, and unparalleled accuracy into the inventory management process. HandiFox™ barcode inventory software allows you to be free from any tethered workspace - you can manage your inventory and sales on the go, without worrying about costly errors in the process. With its mobile barcoding capabilities, our inventory tracking software will give you freedom, efficiency, and accuracy in the warehouse - leaving you free to think about the things that are truly important to your business.

You can also create and scan barcodes using our cloud-based inventory solution HandiFox Online.

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